Welding machine ARC300
MMA DC Inverter welder
Welding manner: Electrode Welding / Air Carbon Arc Gouging / Contact Argon Arc Welding.
Scope of application: Shipbuilding / Electronic Construction / installation of Large Steel Structures installation / Heavy Industrial.
Applicable materials: Electrodes-Acid electrode / Basic electrode / Stainless steel electrode / Cast iron welding rod / Cellulosed electrodes / Heat Resistant Steel Electrodes (HRSE) Surfaces Mild Steel / Medium Carbon Steel / Alloy Steel.
Excellent welding performance:
1. Excellent thrust regulation to ensure the welding shape and facilitate the regulation of the welding fusion Make the machine has stronger adaptability to welding procedure.
2. Thrust regulating design with good dynamic characteristics, small spatter and stable arc. Control of welding pool formation is easy. Nice weld bead.
3. Automatic Welding Control with auto feedback mechanism. Model 300A or above enables extension of welding cable up to 50-100 meters.
Optional features:
1. Scratch arc TIG welding: One machine with two welding modes and reduce the interference to other electronic equipment. Wireless remote control systems ensure intelligent operation as well as the safety and quality of working at heights.
2. VRD anti-shock design: no load voltage is retained 9-24V to provide safely against electric shock.
3. Anti-sticking design: Prevent the electrode sticking to the work piece for easy operation.
4. EMC electromagnetic compatibility function with powerful grid filtering ability to reduce power supply contamination, internal circuits and components are well-protected by excellent anti-interference design to secure stability and reliability.

Inverter welder ARC300
Input power voltage£¨V£¬HZ£© Three phase 380¡À10% 50/60
Rate input power capacity£¨KVA£© 10
Output current adjustment range (A) 20-260
Rated duty cycle£¨%£©£¨25¡æ£© 60
No-load consumption (W) 60
efficiency£¨%£© 85
Power factor£¨COS¦Õ£© 0.93
Weight £¨KG£© 21
Measurement £¨mm£© 555¡Á220¡Á355
Insulation class F
Protechtion class 1P21S
Arc force adjustment range£¨A£© 0-60
Max.cutting thickness(mm) 25
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