Electric welding machine purchasing common sense

Shenzhen Huayilong electric welding machine manufacturers take you to learn more about the common sense to buy electric welding machines:

From the Huayilong electric welding machine supplier, we learn that electric welding machine has been widely used. Shipbuilding enterprises, industrial and mining enterprises and all kinds of construction enterprises need electric welding machines, and electric welding machine is an essential tool. Electric welding machine is used for welding material, when used it is with electric. Especially like some small construction unit, in order to save the cost, purchase electric welding machines at a low price. But in the construction time, it is easy to cause electric shock, fire, sealing off and other phenomena , which will endanger personal safety and property safety. So when we buy we need to consider the following several requirements:

We must go to normal manufacturing enterprises or large shopping malls to buy electric welding machines, and choose products with high market share. Pay attention to this, do not go to the small shops to buy electric welding machines in order to covet petty gain, there the general quality could not be guaranteed. Also it is necessary to check whether the nameplate of the product includes factory address, factory name, specifications and models, welding current adjustment range, load sustained rate and timely input voltage and current and other contents. And then according to your own needs to buy electric welding machines.

It is worth mentioning that when buy, ask electric welding machine suppliers to show their test report of product quality or certificate because the electric welding machine is the product of national mandatory certification. So when buy, make sure that the product has passed the 3C certification, the certificate can also be inquired on the Internet. In the process of purchase please make sure that the products have a grounding screw, and the screw should be free of paint so as to ensure the good grounding. Also carefully check out whether movement is clean and of insulation, whether it is damaged, if necessary, take time to check carefully.

Before your purchase, you can check on the front panel switch operation on the board, the conversion and the installation condition, the power indicator light. And check whether the fan is normal, whether there is abnormal vibration and a buzzing sound in the power supply, but also have a look whether there is a smell. Whether discoloration and fever phenomenon appearing on the appearance, to guarantee the quality of electric welding machines, so as to give full play to the performance of electric welding machines. If you want to buy gas protection welding machine,before buying you should check whether accessories are complete and whether the wire feeding machine has oil pollution.chuenhing668.com In addition, you should make sure that the rotation operates stably and smoothly, link cable does match, and there is no damage to the appearance of insulation, to ensure the stability of arc.

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